Apr 012012

We are now in 21st century where the internet has become our new world. Almost everyone is connected to the internet, and for many people around the world, online activities are what most people do these days. Be it finding informations, reading articles, listening to online music or watch online movie/video streaming, shopping, talk to his/her friend or interact with each other, and so on.

Like in the physical world, we also need a place as our home in the online world. We need a place for our online presence, and one of the best choice is having a paid web hosting account. Sure, some of you will argue that we can just use free web hosting services or even other free online services like free blogging platforms or free social networking services, But be aware, since those free services are not controlled by our selves and we don’t have any previlege, our account is highly in risk: we can easily loose account and so does data in it. This is an important thing to realize if you want to have a reliable and full control online place.

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